Planning for the future

27th August 2020 / BY / IN Planning

A few weeks ago, we held the latest in our series of development management seminars.  Knowing what they know about digital solutions and the changes necessitated by lockdown, we asked the senior leaders in planning who attended to create their version…


The forgotten workplace virtue

21st August 2020 / BY / IN Leadership

We have all heard the quote “patience is a virtue.” But our collective effort to exercise patience is being tested today more than ever before.   In an accelerated, 21st century workplace, leaders feel the pressure of generating faster and better results with fewer resources.   This demand for…


Fighting back – lockdown and wildlife

7th August 2020 / BY / IN Our Team

In June’s issue of Nature, Ecology and Evolution, researchers pointed to anecdotal evidence indicating that certain animal species are enjoying the peace and quiet afforded by lockdown. While well-evidenced insight into human-wildlife interactions is not yet possible, there are important questions that need…