About us 

Nurture CIC is our not-for-profit sustainability-based company, on a mission to create places of happiness. We believe that nature plays an important role in improving wellbeing, community collaboration, and encouraging us to live more sustainably. We envision a time when sustainable, biodiverse, outdoor spaces are accessible for everyone. We believe everyone should feel able to forge a connection with the natural world. 
We work with organisations like local universities, businesses, and authorities to create outdoor ‘places of happiness’. We help them to shape, fund, and deliver sustainable projects which benefit local people and nature. We invite them to get involved in our landmark place of happiness, the Woodmeadow Walk, helping them to meet their sustainability and social responsibility goals. Our exceptional team of volunteers help us to bring these ideas to life. 

Our projects 

The Woodmeadow Walk Keele University 

Our Woodmeadow Walk brings together students and societies, university institutes, academics and staff, local businesses, social enterprises and charities, campus residents, local people, and others to deliver shared sustainability and biodiversity goals. We aim to provide a naturally beautiful all-year-round campus attraction showcasing action for sustainability and biodiversity, art, performance and outdoor learning built around a central wildflower meadow, trees and hedgerow. Keele University, Woodmeadow Trust, Tyrer Ecological Consultants, Hixon Group, Caja Limited, Mondrem CIC, and all our volunteers helped us to bring the Woodmeadow Walk to life. 

'What on Earth?' Newcastle-under-Lyme 

We were delighted to host a 'What on Earth?' event for Earth Day 2024 at our Woodmeadow Walk site. Together with Appetite Stoke, Arts Keele, Keele Observatory, Higher Horizons, Earth Stories Film Festival and many more, Nurture CIC hosted a series of workshops including 'dorodango' (Japanese for "mud dumpling") making, and a Woodmeadow maintenance event. We welcomed over 200 people and 100 volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to help with planting, clearing and more - the day was a real celebration of the natural world and reflected our ambition to make the outdoors feel accessible and inclusive for all. 

Get Alsager Buzzing Cheshire 

We are pleased to be supporting Alsager Urban Wildlife Initiative's 'Get Alsager Buzzing' project. Together with other Mondrem Group companies including Mondrem CIC, we have funded wildflower seeds that will bring to life beautiful, outdoor spaces that improve local wellbeing and biodiversity in Alsager. We also help to co-ordinate and run a series of outdoor partner events including planting and maintenance, strengthening local communities' connections to nature and one another. 

Our people 

We are a not-for-profit community interest company, so our volunteers, partners, and supporters help us bring our projects to life.  
With support options to suit a range of needs and budgets, please find out how you can support Nurture CIC.  

Bee and hedgehog-friendly campus Keele University 

We focus on delivering projects which benefit local communities and wildlife. Conducting regular surveys of our sites helps us to review the environmental impact of our projects. Since creating our Woodmeadow Walk on Keele University campus, we have helped to increase the biodiversity of local wildflowers, trees, insects, and fungi – including over 30 wildflower species and 12 different fungi. In 2023, Keele University was awarded Platinum Hedgehog Friendly Campus accreditation by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. We are proud of our role in their accreditation, and continue to support Keele’s bee and hedgehog friendly initiatives. 

Nurture Buzz Staffordshire 

Our Nurture Buzz initiative helps businesses to co-ordinate and deliver their ESG-driven sustainability and organisational-culture-based activities. We help local businesses to shape, fund, and deliver sustainability-driven projects, recruit volunteers and coordinate volunteering opportunities, and record and share the positive impacts of their projects.We find that by helping to evidence their commitment to sustainability, our partners build stronger connections with local institutions, service providers, and communities, and find it easier to recruit and retain people who share their concern for the environment. 

Volunteering and local events Staffordshire 

We help people to reconnect with nature through a series of regular volunteer and public events. We offer public engagement opportunities including walking events, tree and bulb planting, and art competitions. In 2021 alone, local communities helped us to plant 52 new trees, hundreds of bulbs, thousands of wildflower seeds, and survey the positive impact of our activities on local biodiversity. We work with organisations like StEP (Sustainable Exercise Partnership), Keele SU, and a range of student societies to deliver accessible, engaging, sustainability-driven events. 

  Our team  

We believe in creating an inclusive, purpose-driven team. We are experts in our fields, and often have lived experiences of the areas where we work. We work with local universities and other organisations to nurture graduate and early-career talent. 

  Our news  

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