Bringing kindness to work... 

Little Orange encompasses the values and beliefs of each company and every employee in the Mondrem Group. We’re on a mission to promote supportive and inclusive workplaces, just like ours. Since our first company, Mondrem CIC, incorporated in 2016 to the creation of Little Orange in 2021, the core values shared by founding Chief-Exec Mike and all of the team who have joined since have remained a constant. 
Mike Astbury, Little Orange Founder & Chief Executive of Mondrem Group with some of the Group's team 

Our Values... 

Bringing kindness to work 

Traditional and poorly implemented management styles no longer serve organisations. We want to help managers to find and adopt supportive and inclusive ways of working, that focus on employee wellbeing, professional satisfaction, and respect. We know that happy workers are productive workers, and believe that by bringing kindness to work and supporting others to shine, they bring their best selves to work. 

Shared understanding 

Communication is key. But how do we make sure communication is effective, inclusive, and supportive? The Little Orange way seeks first to understand, finding value in the lived experience of others and then helping those people to feel better. We believe that teams and organisations achieve most when they each possess a shared understanding of goals, values, and beliefs. By encouraging people to hold similar core values, we can create a beautiful and fulfilling organisational puzzle that works towards cohesive goals. 

Human connections 

We see people before employees. We know that the value of organisations depends on the brilliant people at the heart of it. And we believe that talking care of those people will help them to deliver amazing results and feel happy and fulfilled doing so. 

Why 'Little Orange'? 

Our name come from Antione de Saint Exupery’s book ‘Terre des Hommes’, called ‘Wind, Sand and Stars’ in the English translation. The story is of a man whose plane crashes in a vast desert. Heading into the wreck, he doesn’t know whether he’s walking to his rescue or death. In his final moments and fearing the worst, he reaches into his pocket, and finds a little orange. Tasting that orange in the peril and uncertainty brings him incomprehensible joy. A precious, powerful joy. The most he has felt in his life. It keeps him going a little longer - long enough to be rescued. At Little Orange, we want to bring that same sort of precious, powerful joy that helps pick us up when we fall on the road to where we want to go. 

Our Achievevments 

We believe that collaboration is key. By helping others to shine, they bring a new light to illuminate our lives too. With this in mind, here are some of the things we’ve been able to achieve with others… 


We often talk about ‘employability’, but what makes a good employer? In collaboration with Keele Business School, Mondrem Group Chief Exec, Mike Astbury, talks about the fulfilling and nurturing environment that Mondrem CIC have aspired to create to support student interns and cultivate young talent. By supporting early-career employees, employerability is about making the most of new recruits and empowering young people into positions of leadership. 

Cultivating Talent 

Mondrem CIC were presented with the award for ‘Cultivating Talent’ in Keele University’s Breaking the Mould Awards 2020. This award is particularly special to us, as it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our student interns. We believe that young people are able to bring an innovative and exciting perspective to organisations – often ‘lack of experience’ means an openness and vulnerability to new ideas. For us, the Cultivating Talent award embodies our ambition to support communities and young people, inspiring them as they in turn inspire us. 
Our Cultivating Talent award, handmade by artist Jessica Mcmillan 


Together with Keele University and the team at Keele Careers and Employability, Mondrem CIC were awarded the ‘Best Collaboration Between a University and Employer’ in the 2020 National Undergraduate Employability Awards. We believe that working together is succeeding together. 
We're a new company in the process of updating our website, so check back soon for our latest Little Orange updates.  

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