You’ve worked really hard to create and implement new ways of working. They’re going well, and things have started to feel better. You’ve created shared understandings with your team, senior officers, and the elected administration of why it’s important to keep caseload down and wellbeing up. They understand the changes you’ve made, why they’re important, and how to keep doing them. 
But brilliant ideas need nurturing to thrive. 
The approach you’ve implemented might be atypical in the local authority planning world, and government targets might not tell you all you want to know about your service. Like any great service, maintaining a shared understanding of what you do, why, and how it makes you successful will be a message to re-enforce as part of your normal. 
We can help. 
RAIN is our low-cost, high-impact method for helping you sustain the improvements you’ve worked hard to create. 
After helping you to introduce improvements to wellbeing and work-in-progress, we can be a critical friend whenever you need us. We will work for you, looking out for early signs that your new ways of working aren't doing what you need them to. We will reassure you that your new approaches can still deliver the outcomes you want, and if they're not, we will raise it with you immediately. 
You’ll have a senior consultant to access and assess your key performance indicators including work-in-progress trend and forecast and wellbeing survey responses. They’ll investigate and analyse your data and present a manageable highlight report once a month in one, hour-long meeting. From the data they present, they will help you track the positive effects of your new ways of working, as well as identifying any potential risks. From there, you can take action to keep your improvements on track. 
We believe in sustaining positive change. 
Get in touch and find out more about RAIN. 
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