Mike believes in creating organisations which care for people as whole human beings. He is great at listening, connecting, and offering hope where it can sometimes be difficult to see. His personal experiences both providing and using public services mean Mike sees the value of the work they do, creating Mondrem CIC in 2016 with the mission of supporting them to be brilliant, everywhere, all of the time. Since then, he has developed Mondrem Group, an ecosystem of companies sharing the ambition to help people thrive. His management approach is unique, focussing on wellbeing and kindness to deliver great results. 
Lucy wants to make the world a brighter place. She has pursued careers which require her to go beyond titles and labels to connect with people as human beings first, including mentoring ‘young offenders’ alongside her role with us. Lucy believes that public servants want to make a positive difference, so she listens actively, and helps provide them with tools they need. Lucy’s lively approach is filled with positivity, motivation, and a determination to get things right. Her mission is simply to make a difference every day, no matter how small, to make the world a better place. 
Ellie-kay wants to share her passion for nature to support local communities. She knows that thriving wildlife means better wellbeing and wants to make the outdoors a place of happiness once again. Encouraged to explore from a young age, Ellie-kay has developed a connection with nature, which she wants to make available for everyone. As Nurture’s Director, she hopes to encourage people to value and immerse themselves in wildlife. Her mission is to give back to nature, in turn creating places of happiness for our communities to enjoy. 
Kate wants to inspire hope, happiness, and make change happen. She uses her social anthropology, marketing, and media qualifications as an attentive listener and talented writer and designer. She has a passion for understanding how the world around us works and how it can become a fairer place, campaigning for social change with Plan International UK alongside her work with us. Kate embodies an open, empathetic, inquisitive approach which her colleagues and clients value. She aims to truly listen and understand the human condition to provide solutions, carry hope, and bring happiness where it is scarce. 
Angel is on a mission to improve operations and unlock innovation with her expertise in Artificial Intelligence and data science. Known for her reliability, exceptional networking ability, and passion for mentorship, she actively fosters growth in the tech community, especially among women and beginners. As Vice President of Keele University's Business Society and a former Coordinator for the Afro-Caribbean Society, Angel champions diversity and inclusivity, further amplifying her impact as a UN Women UK volunteer delegate. With an online community of over 20,000 followers, she tackles imposter syndrome and empowers everybody to reach their potential. Angel's aspiration is clear: to advance AI solutions, to support business operations using digital systems, and to advocate for black women in tech, ensuring a diverse, inclusive future. Her expertise helps us to make the best use of our digital systems and explore new AI-based solutions. 
Jonathan is driven to find simple solutions to complex problems. He co-founded and directs Innovensa - a software development company specialising in bespoke web, mobile and cloud-hosted custom applications. Supporting Mondrem's mission to deliver simple, powerful software, Jonathan's skills range designing, developing, testing, and delivering effective solutions. His keen eye on best practice and focus on the value of software from users' perspectives underpins Jonathan's work. He is motivated by the dynamism of the technology sector, bringing a wealth of experience working with start-ups and large organisations in both the public and private sector. 
Rachel works with a dual perspective of arts and academia and believes that working with an open mind allows the space for personal inspiration and professional excellence. She is currently studying English Literature with Creative Writing at the University of Leeds which involves both analysis and the generation of unique work based upon this study. This is a skill she wants to bring to work. At Mondrem, Rachel has been involved in logo generation and the image of the company, as well as working within the team on graphics and media. She hopes to continue to provide her perspective in all aspects of the Mondrem ecosystem. 
Richard is motivated to deliver creative solutions which benefit organisations. As Innovensa's co-founder and director, his work specialises in bespoke web, mobile and cloud-hosted custom applications. Richard understands the importance of leadership for successful software development and implementation – focussing on clients' needs to identify opportunities for process and systems improvements. He has particular interests in developing web and mobile solutions, and is excited by the immersive potential of mixed reality technology. Richard brings extensive knowledge from his background in STEM, supporting Mondrem on our mission to deliver simple, powerful software which offers enormous value for end users. 
Sandra pioneers organisational outcomes with people at their core. During her careers in private and profit measured businesses, she found her attention was often more focused on the people involved and impacted, rather than the figures they generated. Sandra believes in developing a shared understanding of wellbeing at work and wants to offer a safe platform to share experiences which will support the learning and growth of others. Her mission is inspired by Covey’s 8th habit; finding your voice and helping others discover their own, in order to thrive. 
Norbert was born just after midnight on 1st January 2000 – a millennium baby. He’s French by ancient heritage, descended from survivors of boar that were brought to England by the first Norman earls of Chester and hunted in the Forest of Mara. His ancestors were later domesticated, but a small number escaped and lived free in the forest of Mondrem when it ceased being a hunting forest. Norbert is our Events Marketing Lead - helping us make a splash at various speaking and exhibiting opportunities. He started work with us on work experience, helping us with lectures to business undergraduates and masters students and with MBA students. He now works for us full time. He is the first in his family not to work in a countryside-related profession. 
Nivedita wants to bring about meaningful change in the lives of others. Following a childhood spent in nature, she finds her sense of calm by spending time outdoors. Nivedita balances her passions including photography, painting, hiking, and birdwatching alongside her MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at Keele University to keep up her positive energy - developing an impressive global CV as an international student. In her volunteer role with Nurture, Nivedita helps to run our events and spread the word online and across social media about the great things we do. Her mission is to be sincere rather than perfect, and to give her best effort towards making sure everyone around her feels equally valued. 
Mansoora wants to spread words that have positive impacts. Finding peace in nature and wildlife, hobbies like hiking, cycling, painting, and reading keep her busy outside of her MSc in AI and Data Science and her love of coding. Mansoora is incredibly purpose-driven, echoing the sentiment of US writer Niel Postman in her belief that "the written word endures". Helping with Nurture CIC's social media content and learning AI and data more broadly across the rest of the group, her mission is to improve the lives of people around her – she sees that kindness is free and a vital component of effectively working together. 
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