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Mondrem CIC is our not-for-profit public service transformation company, on a mission to make public services brilliant, everywhere, all the time. We are all people with lived experiences of public services – both good and bad. We see that public services are often brilliant, but it’s not everywhere and it’s not all the time. That’s when people who rely on public services can feel let down or be let down. We want to help stop that. We believe that helping public servants to feel good about coming to work is the first step in making public services brilliant. So, we start with their wellbeing and the things that stop them being the brilliant, passionate public servants they want to be. We listen deeply and unconditionally, we make human connections, and we help build the shared understanding that is the foundation of every successful change. 

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We support public services nationally and have specialist expertise in local authority planning. We believe that much can be done to improve the lives of public servants. So, we help our clients to improve the wellbeing of the people they work with, reduce excessive work-in-progress, and develop inspiring leadership behaviours. That means they can create great places to work where public servants feel welcome, valued, and professionally satisfied. And it means public servants who feel better looked after can deliver a faster customer experience and better outcomes.  

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The "why?" - Stories that inspire us 

We believe that stories are powerful. We help our clients to tell their stories every day – but we were inspired to exist by one deeply personal connection to public services: Katy’s story. 
When she was 10 years old, Katy was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer that would be difficult to remove. She was given only a few months to live. From that moment until the end of her life 37 years later, Katy received outstanding care and support from great people and great public services. It gave her a life she might never have had. And it gave her family joy they might never have known. But in that time, without intent, some otherwise great public services also caused Katy and her family unnecessary pain and anguish. 
Motivated by stories like Katy's, we aim to make sure that public services are not just great sometimes in some places, but always in all places. We also want to bust the myth that reducing public service funding always means poorer public services. This paradigm closes the door to opportunities that exist whatever the economic climate. We realise that public money is not the only source of funding for public services and scarcity is often a powerful driver for innovation - so we innovate. 

  Our team  

We believe in creating an inclusive, purpose-driven team. We are experts in our fields, and often have lived experiences of the areas where we work. We work with local universities and other organisations to nurture graduate and early-career talent. 

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