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Sandra Wright, founder 
The pandemic has changed the way we work and not always for the better. 
If you are struggling to find focus in this brave new world, come with me on a journey to discover how to tune in and make your work more meaningful and more enjoyable, than ever. 
I offer online 1:1 and group first-line support for people in need of renewed purpose and motivation. 
So, if you find that you are now busier than ever but rarely feeling accomplished, then don’t despair! 
You might be one of the millions of people struggling with ‘pandemic brain’ – a term used to describe the way that living [and working] through a pandemic environment has impacted on our mental health and wellbeing. 
We’ve just experienced a period of immense change and increased levels of isolation and stress, all of which impact on the way that our brain functions. Add to this the vast amounts of information that our senses are exposed to hour by hour, and our own unique day-to day stresses and strains. It’s hardly surprising to learn that our focus is affected. 
The enormity of effort required to make an impact is akin to the capability of a robot, but humans make very bad robots. 
So, lets focus on being human beings and lets make improvements to how we feel, think and act to accomplish better work. 
Offering practical, honest and actionable techniques that real people can implement into real lives, professional or private. 
Adaptable. No fuss. Hands on. Relatable. Inspirational. 
Whether it’s communicating with compassion or developing empathetic leadership skills, I have a track record of fusing friction with creative solutions so you can handle stress productively. 
I'm on a mission to open the conversation about taking care of our health and our happiness in our careers, as if our life depends on it… 
Why? Because it does. 

Meet Sandra... 

Sandra is a trainer, mentor & coach. Her clients include women and men working under pressure and juggling busy careers, teams, and personal lives. She specialises in supporting others balance emotional wellbeing, to communicate successfully and find fulfilment from within. 
Her learning and development career spans 8 years coaching Executives and Senior Directors and Managers to be the catalyst of organisational change and facilitating accredited Institute of Leadership and Management [ILM] courses to middle and senior level management. Her sessions are brought to life through 25 years of commercial experience in corporate consumer goods industries in client facing management and leadership roles. 
After experiencing adrenal fatigue and burnout, Sandra retrained as an equine-assisted coach and wellbeing coach to encourage stressed-out individuals better navigate their midlife and achieve their ambitions; whilst putting themselves first. 
She is also trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP] and a Mental Health First Aid (England) Instructor Member 
She sees individuals before their roles and titles and offers a safe platform for others to experiment to support the learning and growth. 
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