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We want our software to be the software equivalent of digging a hole in the ground, and putting in a pipe with a filter at one end and a tap at the other, to bring vital fresh water to communities who have none. It’s not complex, but the value it delivers is enormous. We believe that human connection, shared understanding, and open communication are keys to successful software implementation. So, we work with the people at the heart of organisations using simple, human-centred technology. Too often, software and apps do far more than most users need. We build our software to deliver what's most used and what's most valuable to our clients – simple and powerful. 
We help our public sector clients to implement human-centred software solutions which deliver real value. Our tools help clients to regain control of their work-in-progress, forecast future changes, and allocate their work accordingly. We help them to track the wellbeing of their team, creating a better working environment for public servants so they can deliver better outcomes. 
WorkPlan is web-based work-in-progress and capacity tracking and forecasting software for busy public sector service delivery teams. It helps teams to reduce their stress, to increase capacity, and to give a better, faster customer experience. 
Redbridge and Bolton council's planning applications teams have already improved team wellbeing, reduced caseloads, improved productivity and improved the speed and quality of their customer experience using a WorkPlan prototype and new ways of working that it supports. Their experience and insight is helping to shape our first production version of WorkPlan for this sector. 
A fair and efficient planning applications system is an open and transparent system where important data and information is accessible to all the people who need it. That includes for people who are making planning applications, for the people who are deciding them, and for everyone else interested in them. Too often, planning data and information are hard to access and hard to use. 
OpenPlan unlocks hard-to-access planning data and information and opens it up to everyone who needs it. It has five elements: 
Major scheme application progress visualisation tool for applicants, planning authorities and other interested people. 
An easy-to-use viewer of publicly available planning information for local people, applicants and other interested people. 
A planning data query tool for planning authorities. 
A planning data migration tool for planning authorities. 
A planning data ‘mirror’ for planning authorities. 

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