Cynthia studies Computer Science at Keele University, using her tech knowledge to streamline Mondrem’s processes as our Digital Transformation Lead. Cynthia tells us how her family and communities influence the work she does to help other people, and how this led her to Mondrem. 
For all of my life, I have been surrounded by individuals who work within the public sector, and they are the people I seek to help through Mondrem. Whether it’s my mother who is an NHS frontline worker, my sister who’s been a childminder for the past 5 years or my brother who has worked for his local council for the best part of his life, they love what they do. Their work inspires me to simply do more for those around me, it is a constant reminder that our public services are made up of people who are dedicated and truly believe in what they do. 
Although I know I don’t possess the necessary skills to become a health worker for example, I almost always found ways to get involved and play a part in helping the local community. This was through my interest in education during my years as a maths tutor for KS2 and KS3 pupils, visits to a local school every week during my final year at university and conducting a campaign to get more pupils interested in technology to encourage them to consider a future in it. Through the years of getting to know several brilliant teachers and educators, I have also familiarised myself with the issues they regularly face, and I always wished more could be done for them as they are so important. 
I was drawn to Mondrem because I simply had no idea such an organisation existed, one the public service sector desperately needs - one which truly looked out for public services and the community. Mondrem introduces itself as a happy place to be at and it has been nothing short of amazing for the time I’ve been there. 
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