Creating hope-giving care networks ... 

Wayfinder are a not-for-profit community interest company or CIC. We support both the people experiencing mental heath crises and their families or carers – because we believe that carers needs are just as important as the people they care for. 
Driven by personal experiences of youth mental health provision, the Wayfinder team are determined to provide young people struggling with their mental health, their carers or families and their clinicians with access to relevant information, digital connectivity and tools that enable early intervention. 
How? By providing unique apps and other digital solutions that guide people through the noise, confusion and worry of their need and care. 

... because no one should be left alone on their care journey 

And you can join us 

If you're part of a CAMHS team supporting patients through their eating disorder recovery, we would like to invite you to join phase 3 of our pilot project starting in October 2021. 

Inspiring how care is given 

Our unique apps and digital solutions will make informal care networks safer and more resilient. They will pull people towards the information and care they need, when they need it. And they will connect people experiencing for the first time, to people with lived experience. 

How we are growing  

We are collaborating with Staffordshire University and Staffordshire County Council to research, develop and design our Wayfinder digital platform. 
The Staffordshire Digital Innovation Partnership (SDIP) pulls together local talent, academic expertise and local businesses in a powerful way. 
SDIPs are all about driving digital transformation across Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire by encouraging SMEs to adopt innovative digital techologies. 

Some of the people helping us grow 

There are some great people who are helping us to grow by providing us with their specialist insight, including: 
Dr Ali Sadegh-Zadeh, Staffordshire University – academic lead for SCIP 
Visyon Ltd – Wayfinder first adopters and user partner 
Keele University Business Bridge – Research partner 
Dr Fiona Warner Gale – Expert adviser 
Dr Allison Gardner, Keele University – AI ethics and governance in AI 
Richard Marsh, CAMHS ED specialist nurse, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust – User partne 

There should be ‘no wrong door’ for people struggling with their mental health 

A digital support platform - in development 

Drawing on our experience and the expertise of our partners, we are developing a digital support platform that will transform how care is given: 
A place where clinicians and support workers provide governed peer support accessed by carers proactively and on demand 
A place where carer resilience can be measured, tracked and seen in real time by clinicians and support workers 
A place where service providers can tailor support to carers as part of a therapy or care plan 
A place carers or patients can keep records like food diaries digitally and monitored in real time by clinicians 
A place where carers and others can access appropriate information and resources to support family-based therapy and care 
We are always looking to connect. If you think your service could benefit from our digital platform or would like to know more about getting involved in our mission, contact us 

Get in touch 

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