Delivering software that's value-led... 

Squirrel is on a mission to deliver simple, powerful software. We want our software to be the equivalent of digging a hole and attaching pipe with a filter and a tap to bring vital fresh water to communities who have none – it’s not complex, but the value it delivers is enormous. 
Too often, software and applications have functions and capabilities far beyond the needs of an average user. We call these ‘nice-to-haves’. Although software developers are able to deliver increasingly complex programmes, we believe that most of the value comes from simple, functional solutions – software that’s value-led. 

What about Squirrels? 

Squirrels are energetic, inquisitive, and intelligent creatures. Having an office in Keele University’s Science and Innovation Park means we share our home with lots of them, and they’ve inspired us to be engergeting and inquisitive in what we do. 
Squirrel Software was created with people in mind. We understand that humans need to use technology, and sometimes getting the most from software means keeping things simple. Our team work to develop software, implement solutions and support organisations to use those solutions. We believe that human connection, shared understanding, and open communication are keys to success, and want to work with the humans at the heart of organisations using simple, human-centred technology. 
We're a new company. We're squirreling away to bring you more content as we grow. 

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