WorkPlan is web-based work-in-progress and capacity tracking and forecasting software for busy public sector service delivery teams. 
WorkPlan helps teams to reduce their stress, to increase capacity, and to give a better, faster customer experience. 
Redbridge and Bolton council's planning applications teams have already improved team wellbeing, reduced caseloads, improved productivity and improved the speed and quality of their customer experience using a WorkPlan prototype and new ways of working that WorkPlan supports. Their experience and insight is helping to shape our first production version of WorkPlan for this sector. 
OpenPlan is web-based project visualisation software. 
It helps make projects and project progress transparent and accessible everyone with an interest in a project. 
OpenPlan has been developed with support from the Staffordshire Digital Innovation Partnership (Staffordshire University and Staffordshire County Council). That support helped us develop an OpenPlan prototype for the planning applications workstreams associated with major property development projects. 
We are now working with councils, developers and special interest groups to further develop and grow OpenPlan. 
Wayfinder is a digital peer support app for carers. 
It supports the work of clinically supervised peer support groups. 
It is for carers, not patients. 
It is managed by the clinician supervising a peer support group. 
It enables carers to communicate with their peer supporter when the carer needs them - confidentially, anonymously and securely. 
It gives carers access to approved documents and online content. 
It enables carers to assess and record aspects of their carer experience. 
We're a new company. We're squirreling away to bring you more content as we grow. 

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