Our Services

When public services don't work well we know how to help. In fact, we are passionate about helping. We offer consultancy and coaching services to Councils and the NHS to help them reform and reinvigorate public services by:


Optimising organisational efficiency:

• Developing commercial awareness and behaviour.

• Reducing costs. Increasing income. Stripping out waste.

• Streamlining and embedding productive processes and behaviours.

Bringing out the best in people, changing behaviours and building resilience:

• Delivering effective leadership that builds a solid platform for change and helps people respond to change in a positive, productive way.

• Providing staff with clarity in their job roles and ensuring they're motivated and resilient to cope and thrive in testing times.

• Challenging people to change their thinking.

Understanding the bigger picture:

• Understanding the causes of demand for services and developing solutions to reduce demand without ignoring need.

• Ensuring change in one area has a positive effect across the wider organisation.



  • Positive, sustained change.
  • Financial savings and increased income.
  • A motivated, resilient and productive workforce.
  • Faster, better quality experiences for customers and patients.

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