reimagining public services

Public services and the people who deliver them face huge challenges – reducing budgets, rising demand for services and rising costs. We want to help. Our consultancy and coaching services help councils and the NHS to reimagine, re-shape and re-invigorate public services by:

thinking commercially

  • Developing commercial awareness and business-like behaviour
  • Finding and taking commercial opportunities
  • Increasing income

managing demand

  • Understanding the causes of demand for services
  • Developing solutions to reduce demand without ignoring need

building resilience

  • Helping people respond to the challenge and stress of change in a positive way
  • Providing coaching and support
  • Nurturing enthusiasm

managing efficiency

  • Understanding and removing waste
  • Embedding efficient process and behaviour
working together-Mondrem

Mondrem’s work is all about improving public services.  That’s because there is such a huge difference between the way that good and poor public services affect people’s lives.  We think about ‘and and’ not ‘either or’ –  So our mission is to help public services deliver lower costs and great services and a rewarding working experience for the people who deliver them.  We want to work with people who believe as strongly in this idea as we do.

Our methods