Earlier in 2020 as a result of their individual lived experiences of caring for people with mental illness, founder directors, Mike Astbury and Sarah Cresswell, established Wayfinder to bring technology-enabled support and clarity for carer service users of community mental health services. The company was incorporated in February 2020 and is developing a range of products to help navigate the UK health services. 
Wayfinder CIC is a not-for-profit company that puts community at the heart of health services. By providing a space for patients and carers to navigate the UK health services more easily, Wayfinder seeks to create a more effective and personalised way to manage the recovery journey from suspecting an issue right through to post recovery and long-term management. Promoting lived-experience and providing access to the right information at the right time empowers communities, not only helping reach the best clinical outcomes for patients but also nurturing the wellbeing of carers. 

Our Products 


A platform where carers of mental and social care patients can access peer and professional support proactively and on demand. The platform aims to provide a space for nurturing the wellbeing of those that often put others first, with safety protected by controlled access. The product is governed by service providers as an extension to existing support services where they exist. 


Bespoke journaling of patients and carers behaviour: eating, emotions, and/or similar to increase the information clinicians have at the start of each session, encourage self-help, and provide transparency to progress. We are also exploring the use of AI to flag indicators of concern. 


A way for patients and carers to navigate the labyrinth that we know as the ‘health system’ in the UK so that the right care can be accessed at the right time and with the greatest chance of successful engagement. This is in design and we are blessed to have some truly exceptional interns helping us bring this to life. 
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