Mondrem is a not-for-profit organisation working to transform public services into rewarding and fulfilling places to work, able to deliver the outstanding outcomes they are capable of. We are a team of knowledgeable experts who care about public services, dedicated to encouraging and nurturing the people who deliver those services, with a shared understanding of the importance of the work they do. 
At Mondrem, we reimagine what public services can be and give life to what we imagine. We provide bespoke projects of improvement for clients, not just doing more with less, but improving customer experience and making work more rewarding. We can see a time when public services can be an exemplar for the private sector in terms of professional satisfaction, career development and continuous improvement. 

Our Products  

Operation Performance Toolkit 

The toolkit involves a number of our products in addition to our interpersonal services. A typical project would include a thorough investigation into the experiences of everyone within an organisation. Each team member is listened to, and their concerns are acted upon in weekly progress meetings. 

WiP: Trend and Forecast 

A diagnostic and predictor tool designed for the planning sector, the WiP ("Work in Progress") trend and forecast tool analyses the workflow and case load of a team. It identifies where work hours are being spent and how much work is coming in. This data is used to keep managers updated on the progress of their team, so that decision-making is easier. Measuring WiP highlights the needs of an organisation and it models the effect of changes made to a team to show the value that alterations will bring in the future. 

WiP: Snapshot 

A visual representation of the caseload at each stage of the process to show which areas are doing well and which may need more attention. Based on the same principles as the Trend and Forecast, WiP Snapshot gives an overview of a single moment. 

Wellbeing Rating 

An anonymous, weekly survey of the feelings of the team to identify areas of high stress that management can proactively move to relieve. Being able to track feelings is part of how we make sure that the measures being put in place are doing what they are meant to do. 

Highlight Reports 

Regularly scheduled reports that keep track of what is being done, what is planned to be done, and how management can support that process. This framework keeps communication clear and constant to keep everyone up to date and confident about what is going on in the team. 

Products in Development 


Open plan will be a method and product to make the process of planning permission transparent and straightforward for all involved. By having the procedural stages and their status visible the experience will be more fulfilling and provide clear frameworks for overcoming obstacles and resolving conflicts by anticipating them ahead of time.  
Part of implementing this tool will be working with the individual client to find satisfactorily unbiased workarounds for problems by paying attention to unique situation elements. 
“The specialist intellectual support and guidance that Mondrem can offer this process is of very great value.” – Tom Coates, Development Management Manager, Stoke-on-Trent City Council 
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