What's it like to work with us? 

We seek first to understand, then to be understood. We are attentive listeners who engage with every level of an organisation. We plant innovative ideas and encourage our clients to nurture those ideas. We see through the blizzard of complexity, promoting simplicity. Our clients see a diligent, supportive and patient team of experts who deliver big improvements in staff wellbeing and customer experience. 
Our team outside our office on Keele University's Science and Innovation Park 

Our Clients 

A human approach... 

Our method is connected with our history. As a word, Mondrem has connotations of joy, humanity and happiness. As a place, the ancient forest of Mondrem in Cheshire was filled with birdsong - the most joyous of sounds. This history has manifested itself in the method we use today. Even through the darkest of moments, we believe joy can be captured. We can see through the blizzard of complexity and we believe change is always possible. We see problems from all perspectives, before imagining innovative solutions that others would perceive as impossible. Human connections are at the core of what we do. Without these connections, continuous improvement would be hard to sustain. These connections form the basis of a shared understanding – a keystone to improvement. Once a shared understanding is achieved, we can develop ideas for change. We encourage new ways of thinking, before planning and implementing the change needed. But the process doesn’t stop there. Sustainability underpins the changes we make, and continuous improvement techniques ensure that change is sustained. We want to make every workplace a happy one, filled with joy - just like the forest of Mondrem. 

How do our clients feel? 

At Mondrem CIC, we want everything we do to reflect our philosophy: driven to understand, nurture and deliver. Our team knows the pressures that public services are facing today and want to help transform workplaces with hope and innovation. We bring optimism to situations where it can sometimes be difficult to see, improving workplaces and increasing fulfilment. 
Here’s what our clients have to say… 

In their own words...  

“Mondrem worked with people. They were gently challenging. And they provided new tools. It was a process that helped people to get where they needed to get to themselves.” 
Lucy Taylor, Director of Growth and Sustainability, Ealing Borough Council 
“It was good to see the team, including quite junior planners taking ownership. You could see the excitement that gaining such a level of responsibility and decision-making had caused. They were proud of their decisions and owned and defended those choices. Our project is about changing behaviour and attitudes. By improving our processes and technology, and delegating work differently, we are well on the road to achieve that.” 
David Scourfield, Chief Planning Officer, Ealing Council 
“The specialist intellectual support and guidance that Mondrem can offer this process is of very great value.” 
Tom Coates, Development Management Manager, Stoke-on-Trent City Council 
“Mike held up a mirror to show us how things really were, so that we could understand properly what was needed to fix the issues we had. It's brilliant having someone who knows the sector, know its language and the operational tools that make things work, who understands the people issues and can support, challenge and coach in a way that really delivers change.” 
Nazeya Hussain, Executive Director of Place, Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames 

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