FOREST is Mondrem’s improvement approach that draws together change leadership, service design, continuous improvement, stakeholder engagement and coaching tools and techniques. We use it to underpin all our improvement activity with organisations, teams and individuals. We share the approach, tools and templates with our clients and create bespoke versions to match the particular needs of individual clients. We begin by developing a strong sense of shared understanding, before identifying areas for change, reimagining existing perspectives, making the agreed change and then sustaining it. 

Thinking differently about technology 

When organisations embrace new technology, brilliant things can happen. Often though, new technology can feel confusing, and ends up simply as a replacement for the old, paper-based methods. During our improvement projects, we work with clients to get the most from the technology they have, as well as implementing new tools which help them to deliver better results. We know that effective technology still relies on the people using it, so we support clients who adopt technology, making sure their teams are properly supported. 

Supporting people at the heart of organisations  

We understand that people are at the heart of every organisation. Our improvement approach focusses on the working lives of those people, as well making the most of the technology and resources available to them. By using tools to examine trends in work in progress and regular wellbeing surveys, we can forecast and organise upcoming work in a way to make sure no one is left feeling overwhelmed or working beyond capacity. Happy people can deliver much better results. 

Offering hope 

Often, making change happen can be tough. Like pushing a boulder up a hill, the midpoint of the journey can feel the hardest. But we encourage our clients to keep going. When hope is scarce, we carry it for them, because we know that when the end is in sight, the final few steps to the top of the hill will reveal a brand-new, inspiring outlook. 
“The specialist intellectual support and guidance that Mondrem can offer this process is of very great value. Mike is a great facilitator [of change] who can remove barriers and hold my ‘feet to the fire’… he has been a mentor and coach to me throughout his time with the team” 
Tom Coates – Development Management Manager, Stoke-on-Trent City Council 

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