What is Nurture CIC? 

We want to help communities by creating fully accessible outdoor spaces that help create more habitats for wildlife, encourage community collaboration and improve mental health and wellbeing. 

Become a volunteer  

If you would like to support Nurture CIC, why not sign-up to be a volunteer? Simply click 'Sign-up' where you can start your journey as a Nurture CIC volunteer: 

What will Nurture CIC do? 

Create access to outdoor space 
Create habitats for wildlife 
Create spaces to support mental health 
Build community spirit 
Build human connections 
Collaborate within communities 

The Nurture X Keele University Art Competition 

Throughout history, the outdoors has offered a great escape during tough times. As we entered our third national lockdown, the Nurture project teamed up with Keele University to encourage students to create with nature in mind. 

Who is involved? 

Together, Ellie-kay Dawe and Sajjida Sultana understand first-hand the benefits of outdoor spaces in creating and maintaining happiness. They hope to help develop a shared understanding of the importance of the natural environment. 

Current projects 

The initial stages of the Nurture project will focus on collaboration with likeminded organisations to establish a key area, whether that is a replanting a completely new natural zone or improvements by rewilding a pre-existing site. We hope to continue collaborating on projects throughout Cheshire and Staffordshire. 

Our project partners 

Our funding partners 

How to get involved 


If you are interested in volunteering with the Project, please click below. 


If you think that Nurture could benefit your community, please get in touch. 
You could help make this possible. 


By becoming a Nurture CIC support you will: 
Kickstart Nurture’s project growth and development 
Have your own 'place of happiness' 
Support environmental action  
Be invited to collaborate with charities and other organisations 
Be able to share and talk about the impact your funding has had on the environment 
Have the opportunity to get actively involved with projects, whether that is through volunteering or team building activities, driving community and company pride and supporting team development 
Have branding and advertising opportunities at the project location and on project documents 
Receive exposure through our publications, blogs and social media channels 
You can recieve all of these benefits by signing up to become a Nurture CIC supporter - we have four plans to choose from: 
Acorn - £10 per month 
Sapling - £20 per month 
Tree - £50 per month 
Woodland - £100 per month 
If you would like to donate a different amount, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page. 
To sign-up for a supporter plan, please click one of the four buttons below: 





To find out more, contact us 

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