Katy’s Story 

When she was 10 years old, Katy was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer that would be difficult to remove. She was given only a few months to live. From that moment until the end of her life 37 years later, Katy received outstanding care and support from great people and great public services. It gave her a life she might never have had. And it gave her family joy they might never have known. 
But in that time, without intent, some otherwise great public services also caused Katy and her family unnecessary pain and anguish. 
Motivated by stories like Katy's, at Mondrem we aim to: 
Firstly, make sure that public services are not just great sometimes in some places, but always in all places. Secondly, bust the myth that reducing public service funding always means poorer public services. This paradigm closes the door to opportunities that exist whatever the economic climate. At Mondrem we realise that public money is not the only source of funding for public services and scarcity is often a powerful driver for innovation - so we innovate. 

The sort of business we are 

From the outset, Mondrem has stood for hope, innovation, and human connection and we want this to be reflected in everything that we do. Our team have a personal understanding of the pressures that public services face today. And by sharing this understanding, we can help to reduce stress and transform workplaces into ones that are nurturing, challenging and fulfilling. This is the essence of Mondrem. 
Our team is grounded in their own individual lived experiences of public services. Each unique experience is invaluable to Mondrem, and each shapes our approach in some way. They reinforce our belief that public services can, and must be, consistently great – they are too important to be anything else. 

How we grew 

In 2019, Mondrem moved to Keele University’s Smart Innovation Hub, an environment that fosters the development of ambitious, innovative young businesses and sector-leading academics and students. The energy of this new space immediately complimented the ‘Mondrem way’ allowing us to make strides with product development, spurring innovation and encouraging engagement with young talent. 
Mondrem wants public services to be better than the people connected with them imagine is possible – not just better than they are. Public services matter too much to be anything less than outstanding. We want to encourage and nurture the people at the heart of delivering public services. 
They matter too. People and communities are at the centre of what we do. So, for this reason, shortly after our move, we became a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). 
Making the move to a Community Interest Company, was another, rather important, steppingstone in Mondrem’s journey. Not only did this align more closely with our mission, allowing us to continue helping our public service clients to create and sustain great public services, but it also means we are now able to work with students and staff in our home at Keele University, to encourage young people to consider public service as a career. 

Who we are now 

Mondrem exists as a catalyst for optimism, motivation, and structure within public bodies, often recognised for providing a unique approach to business. 
In a climate where it is needed but is often scarce, Mondrem acts as a voice of reason. We believe in building trusting and constructive relationships. Our approach to problem solving always begins with building shared understanding. Mondrem knows that great organisations rely on the great people who work within them. By engaging as people, organisations can thrive beyond what they thought was possible. It is this unique approach that unlocks outstanding results. By listening to, gently challenging, and supporting our clients, we can pioneer change together. And by supporting public bodies, Mondrem supports the communities who most rely on their service. 
"Mondrem worked with people. They were gently challenging. And they provided new tools. It was a process that helped people to get where they needed to get to themselves." 
Lucy Taylor, Director of Growth and Sustainability, Ealing Borough Council 

Get in touch 

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