mondrem name

Mondrem’s founder, Mike Astbury, has lived in South Cheshire for much of his life.  It’s an area he knows and cares about, so we wanted our company to share some of the same roots.


Mondrem was one of two forest areas in Cheshire, Mondrem and La Mara (the meres), given by William the Conqueror to Hugh d’Avranche, the first Norman Earl of Chester.  Together with La Mara, it formed the ancient medieval forest of ‘Mara et Mondrem’.  And it’s why Mondrem’s improvement method is called FOREST.  Over time, the ancient forest boundaries contracted to form the area known today as Delamere forest. The Mondrem name survives in the village name of Aston-juxta-Mondrum, near Nantwich in South Cheshire.


The name Mondrem is old English.  Its literal meaning is ‘man-dream’ or happiness.  As an area of Cheshire, you might call it a ‘place of happiness’.


Today’s public services often face huge pressures – so some public services can be places of stress.  We help our clients to reduce stress and to reimagine public services as the great places to work they should be – ‘places of happiness’ even.


Our thanks to local historian, Tony Bostock, for sharing his knowledge about the Mondrem name.