Mindplay is a key part of Mondrem’s ‘FOREST’ approach to reimagining public services.  Innovation requires imagination and creativity.  Our experience helps us to problem solve, but it’s a double-edged sword.  Experience tends to lead us to the solutions we know.  It can narrow our view.  It may not help us with imagination and creativity.  What about the successful solutions we have never imagined?  What if we were more childlike – more open minded?


Mondrem’s FOREST approach uses the Mindplay Model for imagination and creativity.  This helps:

  • Open minds
  • Spark imagination
  • Unlock problems; and
  • Find new answers


The Mindplay Model

  • Takes cues from words, objects and writing outside the subject you are thinking about to provide new stimuli.
  • Embraces ‘serious play’ to help reconnect with childlike open mindedness and ‘thinking with your hands’.
  • Looks at things in new ways using story-telling and metaphor.
  • Provides mind-opening structure to the process of imagination – structure and process without constraint.


For more information about Mindplay and the Model visit www.mindplayimagination.com