Mike wants to create an organisation who care for people who look after others. He is great at listening, connecting and offering hope where it can sometimes be difficult to see. 
Mike wants to look after the people we depend on. Following personal experiences both giving and receiving support within public bodies, Mike recognised the value in the work they do, and wanted to give-back to the communities that he genuinely believed in. Mike aspired to build an organisation to nurture and support the people at the heart of public services, ensuring the effectiveness of the vital outcomes that they deliver. 
As Mondrem’s director, Mike takes the time to listen to and understand his clients so he can provide the right solutions - he knows a one-size approach isn’t effective enough. Mike wants both workers and users of public services to feel equally valued and fulfilled. His mission is to make public services great, in all places, and at all times. 
Sarah wants effect change from the front-line. She is motivated to make public services work, and plant ideas to develop a better and more effective workspace. 
Sarah enjoys being on the front-line to make a difference. Following her careers in the police and fire service, Sarah went on to work with the NHS and local councils, cementing her ambition to support important organisations as such. She found the most reward in the work she did to support Mental Health services, as the changes she effected had such a great impact on the lives of others. 
Sarah describes herself as a ‘meticulous professional’, who is motivated by public services that work. She believes that many public bodies don’t always have time to think about how they do things, and is on a mission to offer headspace to these organisations and plant the seed of a better, more efficient way of working. She cares about the work they do, and is inspired to nurture those at the heart of our most vital services. 
Lucy wants to make the world that bit brighter. Her kindness and enthusiasm help her to build meaningful connections and see beyond what is on the surface. 
Lucy finds the work that she does to support other people the most rewarding. Pursuing career paths ranging from childminding to mentoring young offenders, Lucy always found herself going above and beyond what was written in her job description to give people the support they really needed. Lucy sees past the titles of ‘offender’, ‘parent’ or ‘client’ and understands the importance of connecting with the person behind the label. 
Whilst working with Mondrem, Lucy’s lively approach is filled with positivity, motivation, and a determination to get things spot-on - she’s never disheartened by a challenge. Lucy finds fulfilment in helping others achieve. Her mission is simply to make a difference every day, no matter how small, to make the world a better place. 
Mollie believes in spreading positivity and optimism and she is always willing to carry that optimism on behalf of others. She knows that If one person is positive, it can spark happiness in all those they interact with. 
Mollie understands just how important it is to offer those around you a helping hand. And she hopes to achieve this by creating a dedicated and passionate volunteer community for Nurture – our community interest project. 
Having been a volunteer herself, Mollie knows how rewarding and fulfilling the experience can be and she hopes to be able to recreate her personal experience with the Nurture volunteer community.  
So, her mission is to build a volunteer space that is welcoming, engaging and rewarding. 
Kate believes that a day spreading joy is a day well spent. Writing her way to happiness, she wants to inspire positivity through everything she does. 
Kate loves to make people laugh. From her own personal and professional experience, she knows how important wellbeing and happiness are to success, and is always out to brighten someone’s day- from offering them support to cracking a joke. She makes it her goal to motivate others by staying positive. Kate believes that happiness is contagious, and is key to building a fulfilling workplace. 
Eager to develop Mondrem’s online presence and broadcast good news, Kate’s creative approach to work means our stories can reach the people who can make a difference. Her mission is to inspire change by spreading positivity throughout the organisations who need it most. Kate believes this is the foundation for development and innovation. 
Bob knows that public services matter. Inspired by his family’s own experiences, he uses his creativity to tell the stories that make public bodies better. 
Bob is passionate about turning his research into the stories that need to be told. Public services transformed his family’s life by providing Bob’s brother with the care he needed to make sure his disability did not determine his future. During this time, Bob’s family experienced both outstanding and struggling services. He realized that when prepared, public services were capable of great things, and wanted to tell success-stories like his. 
Bob aims to publicise the important work that Mondrem do, to the people it can really help. Taking inspiration from his brother’s story, Bob’s mission is to make sure families like his can access the resources they need to achieve - he knows that public bodies can be exceptional given the right support and guidance. 
Bethany wants to look after everyone in our community. Her strategic approach to work motivates our team to deliver great outcomes and helps us bring our ideas to life. 
Bethany believes in actively taking care of our communities, and every person within them. Hailing from a background in STEM work, Bethany wanted to become part of an organisation that supports others, often focussing on sustainability throughout her education. Bethany understands the influence that public services have on other people and has a personal interest in mental health support. She wants to build better systems, which can better support the people within them. 
As Mondrem’s Product Development Lead, Bethany’s resourceful approach to work is driven by the ambition to develop ideas and actions that people really need – she wants to improve satisfaction by providing products that work. Bethany wants to make sure that our ideas become a reality. Her mission is to maximise the amount of happiness in the world by pioneering efficient systems that work for those who need them. 
James wants to be part of an organisation that makes people’s lives better. He wants to create meaningful change that he can see on a daily basis. 
James understands the importance of helping others and the significant impact it can have. And this will be reflected as he build the business case for Wayfinder. 
Having been to Shanghai to be an AuPair, James knows the impact that his work can have. His host family know more about the UK, James knows more about the People’s Republic of China and, most importantly, his host child is on the way to becoming fluent in English – James hopes to make a similar impact on a much larger scale at Wayfinder. 
Ellie-kay wants to share her passion for nature to support her community. She knows that thriving wildlife means better wellbeing and wants to make the outdoors a place of happiness once again. 
Ellie-kay wants to make wellbeing accessible. Encouraged to explore from a young age, Ellie-kay has developed a connection with nature, which she wants to make available for everyone. Her positive, can-do attitude and experience of the great outdoors underpins Ellie-kay’s passion to share its healing properties throughout our communities. 
Ellie-kay is our Nurture Project Lead, ready to bring Mondrem Nurture to life. She hopes that by caring for our invaluable outdoor spaces, she can bring about a positive shift in the mental health and wellbeing of others. Ellie-kay wants to encourage people to value and immerse themselves in wildlife as she does. Her mission is to give back to nature, in turn creating places of happiness throughout our communities. 
Sandra is passionate about empowering better wellbeing. Her ability to empathise with professional pressures mean she is open to listen and understand, supporting individual voices to be heard. 
Sandra wants organisational outcomes with people at their core. During her careers in private and profit measured businesses, she found her attention was often more focused on the people involved and impacted, rather than the figures they generated. Sandra believes in developing a shared understanding of wellbeing at work and wants to offer a safe platform to share experiences which will support the learning and growth of others. 
Working with Wayfinder, Sandra wants to improve solutions to have a more positive impact on wellbeing. Describing herself as an aspiring activist and luminary, she sees individuals before their job titles, and wants to encourage people to achieve their ambitions whilst putting their authenticity first. Her mission is inspired by Covey’s 8th habit; finding your voice and helping others discover their own, in order to thrive. 
Marianne is a people person. She listens to clients on an individual level, and provides the bespoke support that’s really needed, no tick-boxes allowed. 
Marianne has a love and energy for working with people. Following a background in Health & Social Care, Marianne found fulfilment in supporting others, often helping not only those directly in her care, but the people around them too. After hearing Mike’s story, she decided to put her leadership, management and mental-health training to use at Mondrem. 
Marianne wants to streamline, reduce pressure and improve mental wellbeing in organisations. And her strategic approach to work means she can offer the necessary tools to do this – tick-box exercises aren’t on the cards. Marianne believes management is about people, and it is her mission make every outcome the best it can be. She believes the best work is done by people who can work cohesively and as a team. 
Rhuarhri wants to create digital platforms that safely connect people who are, to people who have – and he wants to use his skills to develop solutions that tackle significant healthcare challenges. 
Rhuarhri brings a straightforward, compassionate approach to Wayfinder. A talented app developer, Rhuarhri wants to turn incredible concepts into working products that make a real-world difference. 
Through the noise of confusion and worry, Rhuarhri is determined to create simple platforms that support young people and their carers through eating disorder recovery. 
Lynn believes that public service providers should be proactive when delivering services and solutions - going above and beyond to listen to the needs of their customers and deliver outstanding services. 
As a parent, Lynn knows just how difficult it can be when public services fail to provide the right support. Growing up, her children have had to overcome different obstacles. And they have not always felt supported with the right information at the right time. 
Determined to make a difference, Lynn will be building human connections outside the companies, developing our internal processes and making sure we deliver against our growth plan. 

What sort of team we are tying to create 

We are building a team of people who share our vision of creating places of happiness. We want to create an ecosystem of organisations where innovative ideas can thrive. We are firm believers in collaboration and communication – we value the contributions of everyone. 

What do our team say?  

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