Mike wants to create organisations which care for people as human beings. He is great at listening, connecting, and offering hope where it can sometimes be difficult to see. His personal experiences both giving and receiving support within public bodies means Mike sees the value of the work they do, creating Mondrem CIC in 2016 with the mission of supporting them to be brilliant everywhere, all of the time. Since then, he has developed the Mondrem Group of companies, all of whom have an ambition to help people thrive. His management approach is unique, focussing on wellbeing and kindness to deliver great results. 
Sarah wants to effect change from the front-line. Her careers with the police and fire service, NHS and local councils motivate her to make public services work well. Sarah found the most reward in the work she did to support Mental Health services, as the changes she effected had such a great impact on the lives of others. She has developed a keen eye for the mechanics of services, and understands that many public bodies don’t always have time to think about how they do things, so she’s on a mission to offer headspace to organisations and plant the seed of a better, more efficient way of working, in-turn pioneering better outcomes for users who rely on services the most. 
Lucy wants to make the world that bit brighter. Pursuing career paths ranging from childminding to mentoring young offenders, she goes above and beyond her job description to give people the support they really need, seeing past titles to connect with the person behind the label. Whilst working with Mondrem, Lucy’s lively approach is filled with positivity, motivation, and a determination to get things spot-on. Her mission is simply to make a difference every day, no matter how small, to make the world a better place
Cynthia wants to help create positive, reassuring, and inclusive working environments. Having graduated in Advertising, Film and Music Video Production, her creative talents and eagerness to give new things a try means she brings an exciting and innovative eye to our client projects and marketing activity. As our Project Manager, Cynthia keeps us on track to deliver great outcomes for all our clients, and her passion for arts and videography means her creativity also regularly pops up across our social media platforms. With an infectious laugh and positive can-do attitude, Cynthia believes in creating places where everybody can thrive, also working with organisations like Urban Wilderness and Kwanza collective alongside her role with us. 
Kate believes that a day spreading joy is a day well spent. Finding her joy in writing, designing and bright colours, she helps to represent the Mondrem Group companies as our friendly, welcoming, and vibrant selves across our online presence and branding. From her own personal and professional experience, she knows how important wellbeing and happiness are to success. Kate’s creative approach to work means our stories can reach the people who can make a difference. Her mission is to inspire change by spreading positivity throughout the organisations who need it most, believing it to be the foundation for development and innovation. 
Bob is passionate about turning his research into the stories that need to be told. Public services transformed his family’s life by providing Bob’s brother with the care he needed to make sure his disability did not determine his future. During this time, Bob’s family experienced both outstanding and struggling services. He realized that when prepared, public services were capable of great things, and wanted to tell success-stories like his. Working on marketing and client projects, Bob helps Mondrem CIC deliver great results to clients, and publicises the important work that we do to the people it can really help. 
Sandra pioneers organisational outcomes with people at their core. During her careers in private and profit measured businesses, she found her attention was often more focused on the people involved and impacted, rather than the figures they generated. Sandra believes in developing a shared understanding of wellbeing at work and wants to offer a safe platform to share experiences which will support the learning and growth of others. Her mission is inspired by Covey’s 8th habit; finding your voice and helping others discover their own, in order to thrive. 
Emma believes in bringing kindness to work. Fascinated by the way people think and act, she enjoys building human connections – seeing people as more than their job title. Driven by her own experiences of public services, Emma believes that services can generate value by building human connections that focus on wellbeing. And she wants to shape relationships by the things people can do rather than the things they can't. As Mondrem’s Projects Coordination Lead, Emma is an integral part of the delivery team – organising and coordinating project activity to make sure we do what we set out to do at the beginning of every project. 
Ellie-kay wants to share her passion for nature to support her communities. She knows that thriving wildlife means better wellbeing and wants to make the outdoors a place of happiness once again. Encouraged to explore from a young age, Ellie-kay has developed a connection with nature, which she wants to make available for everyone. As Nurture’s Director, she hopes to encourage people to value and immerse themselves in wildlife as she does. Her mission is to give back to nature, in turn creating places of happiness throughout our communities. 

The sort of team we're creating... 

We are building a team of people who share our vision of creating places of happiness. We want to create an ecosystem of organisations where innovative ideas can thrive. We are firm believers in collaboration and communication – we value the contributions of everyone. 

"I'm so grateful for the confidence I've gained and the career path that Mondrem has illuminated. I've been able to make the most of what I'm good at, and shape my role to suit me" 

Kate Douthwaite, Marketing and Design Lead 

"Everyone at Mondrem is really open and welcoming. I like to think I fit into that, which made me really want to get involved"  

Ellie-kay Dawe, Director 

"It was clear that Mondrem wasn't a typical company from first glance at their website, but the levels of kindness I have recieved go above and beyond anything I could've imagined" 

Bob Melling, Business Development Manager 

 Get in touch talkwithus@mondrem.co.uk 

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