What do they mean to us? 

Our early careers shape our view of working life and the way in which we approach working, managing and leading later. What sort of workers do we make if our relationships with them are shaped mainly by the things they don’t bring rather than the things they do? We are small and growing companies. We know that we will grow better if we create a place where everyone in the companies grows with us. A personally and professionally rewarding place to work, where we share a purpose and work together by making human connections and creating shared understanding. Where everyone has a role that they own and can see where and how it fits in. We’re a long way from perfect, so we don’t always get it right. But we’re not about to let that get in the way of our trying to do the right thing. To work, to manage and to lead in a good way. 
Since early in 2020 we have recruited 8 interns, 5 of whom now have permanent roles within the companies. We have been keen to give them all a great career start. To do that we started by spending time building a shared understanding of our purpose and values. These are a significant part of what attracted people to us. And we gave everyone a leading role in some aspect of Mondrem’s work and growth. And have called everyone a lead not an intern. Behind this is the notion of giving responsibility, not task. Encouraging new colleagues to own and shape their own roles to deliver both what the company needs and what makes their role interesting and rewarding for them. 
Our mission is to create a personally and professionally rewarding place to work. This is why our awards mean so much to us.  

Our Awards 

Winner - Best Collboration between a University and Employer - NUE Awards 2021 
'Our interns haven't just helped our business, they have become our business.'  
Mike Astbury, Managing Director, Mondrem CIC 
Winner - Cultivating Talent - Breaking the Mould Awards 2020 
'I’m so grateful for the confidence I’ve gained and the career path Mondrem has illuminated. The company has helped me make the most out of what I’m good at. It’s a job role I thought would never exist.'  
Kate Douthwaite, Marketing and Design Lead 

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