What our clients have to say about us

“Mike has been a great sounding board for me and for other members of the leadership team.  He is able to cut through complexity and help us get at the core issues we need to look at.  He’s ensured that we remain focused on the strategic when that’s needed.
Mike brings a new perspective and real credibility in alternative ways of working for public services.  And he brings friendly challenge that includes asking the difficult questions.”

– James Howse – Corporate Director Resource, South Staffordshire Council

“When I think back to how things were when we started, without Mike’s support, I don’t think I would be where I am today with the work I am doing and the personal progression his support has provided. I am in a very different, much better place now, with more confidence in the work and role that I am doing. The support that Mike has provided has been invaluable”

– Debbie Hardy – Technical Planning Manager, Milton Keynes Council

“The specialist intellectual support and guidance that Mondrem can offer this process is of very great value.
Mike is a great facilitator [of change] who can remove barriers and hold my ‘feet to the fire’… he has been a mentor and coach to me throughout his time with the team.”

– Tom Coates – Development Management Manager, Stoke-on-Trent City Council

“Mike is a personable individual. That really helps. He challenged us which is really good. He got the right mix between being supportive and being challenging.
The toolkit developed with Steve has just the right level of detail and is easy to read and understand.
FOREST provides a useful structure that is helping build confidence and capability in CBH.”

– Matt Armstrong – Head of Asset Management, Colchester Borough Homes

“For the last 12 years we’ve run at a backlog in terms of planning applications within the Registration and Business Support team. Whereas now, after Mondrem’s support, we’ve run from June of last year (2016) to the present with no backlog. And that includes Christmas which is always a problematic period. This is very positive and offers us stability.”

– Emily Hammerton – Development Management Manager, Vale of White Horse District Council

“Working with Mike is like having a safe space to talk about issues – and that’s refreshing.

When it was first suggested that I work with someone to help improve my performance, I thought “Oh no!”  I imagined it being quite boring and impersonal – like a lecture.  But working with Mike felt like being understood, accepted and heard – that opens the gate to addressing the real issues.”

– Rachael Riach – Planning Policy Officer, South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils

Mike’s helped us to understand the issues clearly, create a plan to improve, given us some tools to help do that and increased our confidence and belief that we can succeed.

Mike shows empathy, he’s sensitive to the situation and he speaks and understands the language of the work we do. That helps make human connections and builds the trust needed to make change possible.

Clive Wood – Highways Development Control Manager, Nottinghamshire County Council