Why did you join Mondrem? 
There is a warm smile on Cynthia’s face as she recalls seeing the advert for the role of Digital Transformation Lead with Mondrem. Interested by the organisation and keen for experience in IT, Cynthia applied for the internship. What she didn’t know, is how the role would come to define her career aspirations. 
“I applied because I believed I could deliver the tech solutions the company wanted,” says Cynthia, who worked on the IT desk at Keele University during her time as an undergraduate. “It was my bag and the perfect chance to get more experience. I thought I would be able to take a lot from the role.” 
Cynthia knew she wanted experience in an IT role, but she also needed time to learn about new tools and apply the theory she had been taught in the lecture theatres and seminar rooms. 
“I had never heard of any of it,” Cynthia explains. “I had no knowledge of the [Microsoft] Power Platform. I was given time and patience to get to know the Microsoft tools at my own pace. Everything started to come together around August and I started making new tools for the company.” 
Since then, Cynthia has gone on to develop several different apps using the Power Platform, including a time tracker, personal progress report, wellbeing report and leave request app. She has listened to the needs of the company and increased the team’s resilience with easy-to-use apps that measure capacity and track wellbeing. 
And the time spent developing apps and discovering technical solutions to support her colleagues sparked a realisation for Cynthia. 
“Ultimately, my role with Mondrem has led me to a new role with a different company.” 
Next week, Cynthia will be joining a small organisation that specialises in her newfound passion – the Power Platform. Her new role? Junior Power Platform Developer. She will be working alongside experienced developers, absorbing knowledge, and contributing to the design of digital solutions. 
“I didn’t envisage this at all. I didn’t have a passion that I was working towards. I have found that with the Power Platform during my time at Mondrem.” 
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