“When I tell people about my role, I tell them it’s what I always wanted to do - being creative and writing. Not only that, but I get to share the good news that Mondrem generate.” I am chatting to Mondrem’s Marketing and Communications Lead, Kate. Bursting with enthusiasm, Kate is a talented writer with an infectious can-do attitude. From a self-effacing intern to a permanent employee, confident in her abilities and willing to showcase her ideas, Kate is an invaluable member of the team. 
A second year Marketing and Media student at Keele University, Kate fell onto an unexpected path: “Before coming to university, I didn’t consider social media marketing as something I could do, so Mondrem have certainly altered my perception of what is possible. 
“I was brought up on books and in museums and cathedrals. My Mum loves words and I’ve inherited that value. I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember. I made a couple of really bad WIX websites that I wanted to blog on for a hobby. But I never thought of blogging and social media as a viable career path, until I became a Digital Ambassador at Keele and a Communications and Marketing Lead at Mondrem. 
“A couple of years ago I was going through a really difficult time, but I made a change. I threw myself into university. I found job opportunities that reflect what I would do for fun, and I was getting paid to do it. I’m so grateful for the confidence I’ve gained and the career path Mondrem has illuminated. The company has helped me make the most out of what I’m good at. It’s a job role I thought would never exist.” 
Kate values the work of public servants and has experience on the delivery side of public services: “I found it truly amazing to hear everyone else’s stories; they inspire me. Hearing the passion in Mike’s voice as he told Katy’s story really hit home. Public services are important. I was raised by a single Mum who has worked in lots of these services – I have been on the delivery end and I quickly learnt that the results are so important.” 
But in the moments between challenging and professionally rewarding work, the Mondrem team always find opportunities for light-heartedness, particularly during Birdsong, our weekly team meeting. 
“One of my favourite things about the team are the jokes we share. We know there are times to be serious, but it makes me happy that we have times for laughter.” 
The past few months have been a time of national hardship. A pandemic has ripped through the fabric of normality, leaving in its wake a path of unparalleled destruction. But despite the unforgiving global situation, Kate has found a secure place in the world. 
“Starting in a new business is tricky enough, but then we had lockdown and all the woes that came with it. It was a challenge, but I felt supported through the whole process. I could rely on people to help me in difficult times. Mike’s really encouraged me to come out of my shell and to become confident. 
“I have been encouraged to be confident and to shape my own role. Everything I have done has warranted feedback and it’s always framed positively. I’ve been allowed by Mondrem to bring my best self to work. I’m a starry eyed, enthusiastic human with lots of ideas, and my ideas are accepted and valued by the team at Mondrem.” 
Being encouraged to bring your best self to work is only possible when you’re surrounded by a supportive team who can act as your safety net on a difficult day. 
“We have adapted to the changing circumstances and brought kindness to work. We check in with each other every week, and we look after our wellbeing. We take time to share personal stories. The drive and the passion of colleagues; it’s contagious. We all have our own desires to support each other on a personal and professional level. It’s a really supportive environment.” 
Kate’s shining enthusiasm is enough to warm an Artic soul. Behind her modest façade is a stream of creative wonder and the Mondrem team are excited to see the outcomes of this wonder. 
“I am a very enthusiastic person and I’m proposing new social media ideas and a new strategy. I love the openness to my ideas. I’m excited to share my ideas.” 
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