At Mondrem CIC, we talk about superpowers a lot – we like to see what people are good at, and we help them to fly. Supporting people to be their best selves gives us our sense of purpose. 
The idea for #mondremsuperpowers came from our desire to collaborate with people both within and outside of our organisation whose values, purpose, and talents align with ours. We believe that these unique superpowers can come together to create something brilliant. 
This got us thinking about our organisational superpowers – what makes Mondrem CIC a supportive, rewarding, professionally challenging place to work? We decided to introduce you to our core superpowers: Kindness, Shared Understanding, and Employerability. 
Each of our superpowers brings a different value to our organisation, and they sit together to create the workplace culture we aspire to: Kindness for encouraging people to become their best; Shared Understanding to create a cohesive sense of values, purpose, and direction; and Employerability to help students, young people, and early-career employees thrive. 
We wouldn’t be super without the people we work with. So, we also asked our colleagues and clients to share their superpowers, and they delivered… 
What are your superpowers? 
We’re always open to working with people who bring their superpowers to us – often, we recruit through conversations rather than interviews, and value motivation and integrity over experience. 
If you have a superpower, but aren’t quite sure where it fits, we’ll do our best to help you find a space for it. 
We value thoughtful collaboration. So please do, get in touch. 
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