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My first year at Mondrem has been a time of intense learning, both professionally and personally. 
I had to learn how to be to be supported by some incredibly talented individuals without fear of judgement. I have shed insecurities that I never knew that I had and have been given room and permission to fail within a team that swoops in, scoops you up and plants you gently back on your feet again. I would like to drop a cliché here and admit that I suspect that I am growing as a person. 
I am even applying what I am learning outside of Mondrem, how to be 100% non-judgemental in situations that might be difficult, viewing people with pure compassion and understanding, recognising when someone needs help and how to metaphorically put your arms around them, it is like putting a pair of kindness tinted glasses on which enable you to see things from a better viewpoint. 
All these things attracted me to Mondrem and it has been a delight to become a part of this ethos. If this does not make you want to throw me off a cliff, then hearing me say I am thriving here – might just send you over the edge, did I mention I am learning from Mike Astbury the art of terrible puns? 
I am sitting here now thinking of all the wonderful things I could say about the team I work with but here are some of the things that I really love about them, in no particular order. Mike Astbury – colossal wisdom, crystal clear insight and loves puns (not the good ones - see above), Lucy Gibbs - energetic, compassionate, clever and loves to laugh (loudly and at her own jokes), Sarah Cresswell – unique due to equal parts talent and humility and nurturing (reliable source of toilet humour), Bob Melling – warm, quietly brilliant, balanced (and a long suffering father to his tree dwelling cat Freddie), Sandra Wright – creative, supportive, incredible ability to get people thinking without them knowing, (sort of a mind ninja, also is expert in training dogs to ring bells), Kate Douthwaite - dazzlingly brilliant, will most likely be a world leader (only if her car will be able to get her there), Ellie-Kay – an ability to make things happen, will likely also be on the world stage (confuses her dog by having its fur cut differently), Cynthia Coady - forward thinking, empathetic, great conversation skills (completely unable to spot an Airbnb scammer). 
These people are part of what makes Mondrem so great for me, I am learning from all of you. 
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