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About Mondrem

Mondrem are public service transformation consultants based in Cheshire and Staffordshire. We work across the UK with local councils and the NHS. When public services don't work well we know how to help.

In fact, we're a team of experts who are passionate about transforming public services making them both productive and efficient. We thrive on making careers in public services rewarding and uplifting. We feel most satisfied when changes deliver a great experience for the end user.

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The Mondrem Team:


Mike Astbury

What Mike does: Mike works with local councils and other public services - building productive co-operation between teams and services, improving team performance and developing people for success.



Steve McLauchlan

What Steve does: Steve works mainly with public services and social enterprises to help develop a more commercial approach and business-like behaviour.


Lucinda Beesley Mondrem

Lucinda Beesley

What Lucinda does: Lucinda has a background of operational and strategic roles in national and local public services, charities, social entrepreneurs and the Church of England. She specialises in strategic analysis, multi-stakeholder engagement and organisational design and development.


“Mike helped me to respond to challenging time in my career.  I knew I had the potential to be successful, but I was missing some of the skills and the confidence I needed to improve my performance and to feel better about work.

I found the experience challenging, really useful and it worked!”

A Council Planning Service team manager - 2016


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