Mondrem are a not-for-profit public service transformation company based in Staffordshire. We want public services to be better than the people connected with them imagine is possible – not just better than they are. Public services matter too much to be anything less than outstanding. We want public services to be an exemplar for the private sector in terms of professional satisfaction and career development, continuous process and technological improvement and customer experience. We are a team of experts who care about public services. We know how to make services more efficient – not just helping public bodies do more with less but improving life for customers and staff too. 
Wayfinder are a not-for-profit company driven by the lived experiences of stressed mental health services. We are developing products to help people navigate the recovery journey through mental illness, from pre-diagnosis to post-recovery. We will support people in finding ways to cope at every step and we will help them use their experience to help others. We are currently creating tools to support people affected by eating disorders, including their families. We work across different sectors to design and deploy 21st century tools that work for everyone. 

Why we are CICs 

People and communities are at the heart of what we do, which is why we are community interest companies or CICs. We want to support undergraduates and graduates in our home at Keele University, and we also want to start different community interest projects, like our Nurture community interest project. We want to showcase the difference that CICs can make to the community, by creating professionally rewarding and community driven places of happiness. 


Nurture is a Mondrem and Wayfinder community interest project designed to help communities benefit from the connection between nature and wellbeing. 

What it's like to work with us – customers 

We seek first to understand, then to be understood. We are attentive listeners who engage with every level of an organisation. We plant innovative ideas and encourage our clients to nurture those ideas. We see through the blizzard of complexity, promoting simplicity. Our clients see a diligent, supportive and patient team of experts who deliver big improvements in staff wellbeing and customer experience. 

What it's like to work with us – team 

We are a disciplined, organised, efficient, personally rewarding and professionally rewarding place to work. We believe in bringing kindness to work. We support each other, listen to each other, and encourage each other. As a team, we have a shared understanding of our purpose and values. We believe in what we are doing and we understand the importance of our work. People and their personal stories are at the core of our companies. 


Our method is connected with our history. As a word, Mondrem has connotations of joy, humanity and happiness. As a place, the ancient forest of Mondrem was filled with birdsong - the most joyous of sounds. This history has manifested itself in the method we use today. 
Even in the darkest of moments, we believe joy can be captured. We can see through the blizzard of complexity and we believe change is always possible. We see problems from your perspective, before imagining solutions that others would perceive as impossible. 
Human connections are at the core of what we do. Without these connections, continuous improvement is harder to sustain.  
These connections form the basis of a shared understanding – a keystone to improvement. 
Once a shared understanding is achieved, we can then develop ideas for change. We encourage new ways of thinking, before planning and implementing the change needed. But the process doesn’t stop there. 
Sustainability underpins the change we make and continuous improvement techniques ensure that change is sustained. 


FOREST is Mondrem’s improvement approach that draws together change leadership, service design, continuous improvement, stakeholder engagement and coaching tools and techniques. We use it to underpin all our change activity with organisations, teams and individuals. 
We share the approach, tools and templates with our clients and create bespoke versions to match the particular needs of individual clients. 
We begin by developing a strong sense of shared understanding, before identifying areas for change, reimagining existing perspectives, making the agreed change and sustaining the change. 
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