Helping companies deliver their CSR and sustainability goals 

Nurture CIC is a not-for-profit social enterprise. We help companies to deliver their sustainability and CSR activities while creating fully accessible, outdoor spaces which provide habitats for wildlife, improve biodiversity, and improve the collaboration and wellbeing of local communities. We call them places of happiness. 
Our Nurture Buzz initiative helps businesses to co-ordinate and deliver their ESG-driven sustainability and organisational-culture-based activities in the local area. We help companies shape, fund, and deliver various sustainability projects, offer volunteering opportunities, recruit and retain people who care about their commitment to sustainability – and more. 

Creating accessible, outdoor spaces 

We believe the natural world has an unprecedentedly positive impact on our mental health, especially in the digital world that we live in. We aim to reconnect people with nature, including busy professionals, local students, and families. 
The outdoor places of happiness we create are promoted and maintained by our group of volunteers. We promote an inclusive volunteering environment, and offer opportunities including manual work like planting and weeding and remote work like marketing and researching. 

News and updates 

Inspiring connections 

The ancient forest of Mondrem 
Nurture CIC belongs to the Mondrem Group, who have an affinity with nature themselves. The group of companies is named after the ancient forest of Mondrem, which as a word, has connotations of joy, humanity, and happiness. 
As a place, the ancient forest of Mondrem was filled with birdsong - the most joyous of sounds. This inspired the creation of Nurture CIC, to create places of happiness and capture joy in sometimes unlikely places. 
Being a Community Interest Company (CIC) 
Nurture is on a mission to create places of happiness. As a Community Interest Company, or CIC for short, we can secure volunteers, partners and funders who share our vision of accessible outdoor spaces which improve mental health, community cohesion and biodiversity. For many of us, the pandemic revealed our connection with nature and the benefits of the natural world, so by creating more of these natural spaces, Nurture CIC can support communities of humans, as well as animals, insects, and plants. 

Help us bring Nurture to life 

Nurture CIC projects benefit local businesses, communities, and wildlife. 
Our volunteers, partners, and funders help us bring them to life. 
Find out how we can help you achieve your sustainability and CSR goals and work with people who share your commitment to nature and sustainability. 

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