Mondrem Group is the collective name for Mondrem CIC, Nurture CIC, Little Orange, and Squirrel Software. We are an ecosystem of companies working together to shape places where people thrive: We improve the lives of public servants, help organisations deliver their ESG activities, and create sustainable, accessible outdoor spaces that improve local wellbeing and biodiversity. We advocate for shared understanding, promote inclusive leadership principles, and build human connections. And we deliver simple, powerful software that improves working lives and help organisations implement it in ways which address the needs of people first. Our purpose-driven approach has earned us a trusted reputation across public, education, and corporate sectors. 
Mike Astbury, Chief Executive of Mondrem Group 
Since launch, we have won awards for undergraduate and graduate development including for ‘Best Collaboration Between a University and Employer’ with Keele University, ‘Cultivating Talent’, and ‘Employee of the Year’ at the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce Business Awards 2023. We also contributed to Keele’s Platinum Hedgehog Friendly Campus accreditation with our Woodmeadow Walk – a nature corridor connecting Keele University Science Park with the rest of campus 

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What motivates us? 

All of the Mondrem Group companies hold a strong, collective ethos. We believe in people. We believe in being kind. We believe that humans can achieve brilliant things. And we believe in providing the right tools and resources, and helping them to innovate when something doesn't work. We want to carry hope where it is sometimes scarce, and bring light to situations where darkness feels overwhelming. Ultimately, we aim to leave the world a bit of a better place than it was yesterday, and feel that the best way to do this is to help other people to shine. All of our companies have a common focus on wellbeing, and we believe that improving the happiness of workers can have transformational effects on service users and beyond. 

What is a CIC? 

Two of our four companies are community-interest-companies, or 'CICs' for short. That means we're not-for-profit, and we use the money we do make to support people around us through community interest projects and activities. We work to support students and graduates from local universities, regularly employing interns and giving them space to shape the roles into ones that are rewarding for them - several remain with us on permanent contracts today. We want to showcase the difference that CICs can make by creating professionally rewarding and community driven places. This ethos is shared across all the Group's companies.  

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