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Mondrem CIC are a not-for-profit public service transformation company based in Staffordshire. We want public services to be better than the people connected with them imagine is possible – not just better than they are. Public services matter too much to be anything less than outstanding. We want public services to be an exemplar for the private sector in terms of professional satisfaction and career development, continuous process and technological improvement and customer experience. We are a team of experts who care about public services. We know how to make services more efficient – not just by helping public bodies do more with less, but by improving life for customers and staff too. 

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What is a CIC? 

People are at the heart of what Mondrem CIC do, which is why we are a community interest company, or CIC for short. We want to support and bring together our communities through different community interest projects and activities, and work with local undergraduates and graduates from our office on Keele University campus. We want to showcase the difference that CICs can make by creating professionally rewarding and community driven places of happiness. Becoming a CIC helped us to feel a little bit more like ourselves, making sure our name reflects how we feel and what we want to achieve. 
Some of our team at Keele Univeristy Science and Innovation Park's expo event 

It’s personal... 

From the outset, Mondrem CIC has stood for hope, innovation, and human connection, and we want this to be reflected in everything that we do. Our team have a personal understanding of the pressures that public services face today. And by sharing this understanding, we can help to reduce stress and transform strained workplaces into ones that are nurturing, challenging and fulfilling. 
Our team is grounded in their own individual lived experiences of public services. Each unique experience is invaluable to Mondrem CIC, and shapes our approach in some way. They reinforce our belief that public services can, and must be, consistently great – they are too important to be anything less. 

The story that inspired us... 

Katy’s Story 
When she was 10 years old, Katy was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer that would be difficult to remove. She was given only a few months to live. From that moment until the end of her life 37 years later, Katy received outstanding care and support from great people and great public services. It gave her a life she might never have had. And it gave her family joy they might never have known. But in that time, without intent, some otherwise great public services also caused Katy and her family unnecessary pain and anguish. 
Motivated by stories like Katy's, Mondrem CIC aim to make sure that public services are not just great sometimes in some places, but always in all places. Secondly, we aim to bust the myth that reducing public service funding always means poorer public services. This paradigm closes the door to opportunities that exist whatever the economic climate. At Mondrem CIC, we realise that public money is not the only source of funding for public services and scarcity is often a powerful driver for innovation - so we innovate. 

What's in a name? 

We want everything we do to reflect our philosophy. Named after the ancient forests of Mondrem and Mara in Cheshire, the word ‘Mondrem’ has connotations of joy, humanity and happiness. As Margaret Nixon writes in A Happy Place: The History of a Cheshire Parish, regardless of the circumstances in which the forest existed, it continued to thrive as a place of happiness – and this is exactly the doctrine that Mondrem CIC aspire to. In a time which can be taxing on public bodies, we are determined to continue the legacy that public services can be places of happiness, for everyone, no matter what. 
“Discussions weren’t limited to management roles and Team Leaders, they were inclusive of everyone in the department, reinforcing the culture change we wanted” 
James Doe, Assistant Director of Planning Development & Regeneration, Dacorum Borough Council. 

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