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15th July 2020 / BY / IN Nurture

Nurture is about reconnecting people with the natural world through rewilding and replanting projects.   

Humans have always shared a basic connection with nature, but this relationship has suffered as a result of urbanisation. 

We want to re-establish this connection, using our project management and environmental expertise.  

As a word, Mondrem derives from an ancient Cheshire forest and this forest was known as a place of happiness. 

And this essence of happiness is the motivation behind Nurture – we want to create places of happiness. 

How will Nurture help people? 

By creating accessible outdoor areas, Nurture will support the wellbeing of communities. These natural spaces will build community spirit and forge human connections. They will be spaces of shared ownership and collaboration. 

Who is involved? 

At the core of Nurture is Project Lead Ellie-kay Dawe.

“The outdoors is my place of happiness, it is all-consuming and an ever-growing passion of mine, I know no matter what feelings I go to the outdoors with, I feel free and happy when I leave. 

“If we immerse ourselves in nature this can help us in so many ways. So, by replanting and rewilding we can help provide more people access to outdoor space and solve problems within our community in a sustainable way.” 

Ellie-kay will work with the wider community; bringing people together to create their own outdoor spaces. 

Where will Nurture start? 

Initially, the project will focus on one key area and this will involve either the creation of a new natural zone or improving a pre-existing site. 

This first key area will be in the Stoke-on-Trent region, enabling us to use our connections with both Keele University and local authorities. 

What will make Nurture successful? 

Communities should want to work together to nurture their outdoor space. 

Upon the conclusion of a Nurture project, we want communities to take ownership of their natural landscape and we will measure success by sustainability. The natural places of happiness we create need to be nurtured and sustained in perpetuity.  

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