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11th June 2020 / BY / IN Performance

When we work together, we can achieve great things. And we can achieve them with increased efficiency, and satisfaction. Mondrem believe in inspiring innovation, generating shared understanding and delivering outstanding results. We also know that bringing kindness to work, helping one another and introducing humanity to management brings about a thriving collaborative workspace – a space to learn, grow and share knowledge to nurture each other. A shared understanding creates a foundation to support the building blocks of collaboration, teamwork and development; the roots of an effective team.  

Over recent weeks, the Mondrem team, as with lots of organisations, have spent time adapting to our new and unique situation. For many, this meant adjusting to new forms of technology and unfamiliar applications. It presented a challenge, yet also an opportunity for development and learning. As our work quickly moved online, it was easy to feel overwhelmed. And to look for a place to hide from intimidating new tasks, or to struggle in silence – ‘you should know how to do this already’. 

Authenticity is a core belief throughout Mondrem. We believe that vulnerability doesn’t present weakness, it shows humanity and genuineness. With this in mind, our team discovered that although asking for help can be difficult, it ultimately leads to better results for everyone. As Lucy and Cynthia sat looking at Microsoft Project for a couple of weeks, they pondered different questions – Cynthia knew how to use the applications but wasn’t sure how they’d fit in with Mondrem. Lucy knew exactly where she wanted to use the program but wasn’t sure how to start.  

It was mind-blowing what we achieved in those two hours working together…we were working for a common purpose. I had the Client Project Plan together within the week” 

Lucy Gibbs – Client Projects Lead

This proved that the skills our team need are readily available, if we just ask. It has a positive effect, and delivers better results. Asking ourselves ‘who can I draw into this to support me?’, from someone to run ideas past, to technological help can build shared understanding, better working relationships and produce results with greater speed and accuracy. 

“I’m not naturally collaborative, I’m a very task-orientated, ‘get things done’ type of person…it doesn’t come easily to ask for help, but so much more can be achieved together”

Lucy Gibbs – Client Projects Lead

In our given circumstances, teamwork is carried out virtually. And it’s important to note that although online meetings are a great alternative, they aren’t quite on par with face-to-face collaboration. They have the added benefit of frequency – less time travelling equals more time meeting. However, it can be easier to lose structure and focus. 

Mondrem have been looking forward to restarting some of our client projects during lockdown, including with our clients Rochdale Council. While our team was tasked with creating a project plan, it simply wasn’t effective via email.  

“Drafting, redrafting and sending back-and-forth was time consuming. Instead of struggling, I decided ‘no, we need to get everyone together’. It was so useful to share understanding, and we achieved our goals much quicker” 

Lucy Gibbs – Client Projects Lead

Engaging in a well-structured meeting can help collaboration happen more effectively, efficiently, and in a more enjoyable way. It presents an opportunity to connect with colleagues and clients, while proposing key ideas in a concise time frame. A Mondrem cornerstone: ‘Bring kindness to work. Help other people shine. Their brilliance will light your life’ supports all that we do to work collaboratively. Working together lights all of our lives by helping us to achieve, get things done and share expertise. 

As a team, we continue to develop our collaborative working style as we learn the value of vulnerability – asking for help when we need it. And as we see the great results that we can achieve together – infinitely better than those we achieve alone.  

Thanks to our colleagues at Indigo Mentoring, we are able to continue collaborating across organisations. Indigo Mentoring (formerly TyFy) developed a peer-to-peer support system, in place across universities in the UK, including Keele and Huddersfield. Earlier this year, they demonstrated their collaboration software to our team at Mondrem. Straight away, we knew that the idea of Wayfinder CIC would benefit from a peer-support platform as such. When Covid hit, businesses were constrained. However, lockdown also presented the opportunity to support innovation that cares for mental health during the crisis. We wanted to take the opportunity to develop a mental health platform in place of those systems closing their face-to-face support. We are proud to have since developed connections with youth mental health charity Visyon and other healthcare providers, and submit more proposals for peer-support platforms as Wayfinder Connect. And we are proud to provide products and platforms to support a community of carers who had nowhere else to turn.

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