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The main thing for me was the name Mondrem.” Elisia Narbett, Mondrem’s Growth Lead, is answering the question: What appealed to you about Mondrem? A Keele University postgraduate, Elisia joined Mondrem at the end of May, and she tells me about her experience over a virtual cup of tea. 

“I met Mike at the opening of the Keele Business School and Smart Innovation Hub. I then followed Mike and Mondrem on LinkedIn. I kept up to date with things, even if it was subconsciously. I always wanted to get involved.” 

Elisia’s story is different. Her first contact with Mondrem wasn’t through the job advert. The International Business student met Mike, Director of Mondrem and Wayfinder CIC, physically; before Covid-19 placed the UK under house arrest.  

“Mondrem stuck in my mind because of how approachable Mike was. At the event, Mondrem had a rabbit and baseball which were used to demonstrate different ways of thinking. Their way of doing things was intriguing. That’s why Mondrem stayed in my mind. 

“The project management side appealed to me. I knew the job would suit my skillset, but I also knew the company.” 

Mike believes in employing people who will fit neatly into the Mondrem jigsaw. This is just my second conversation with Elisia, but I can tell she gets Mondrem. Her effusiveness is effortless.  

“A lot of my past jobs have been in the retail and food industries. I’ve had a few jobs where you knew you were replaceable. You knew you weren’t an important part of the company. 

“I was hugely involved in Student Ambassador development at Keele. I’ve also chaired lots of societies, which gave me leadership experience. I was tour manager and coordinator for the Keele University Music Union (KUMU). And I did a lot of things with KUMU that align with what I’m doing now.” 

Elisia takes a quick pause, before revealing her complex academic trajectory.  

“Originally I came to Keele to study Philosophy and American Studies. I then decided to focus on Philosophy, before realising that it wasn’t for me. It didn’t suit my skillset. So, I changed to Business Management and Media because I felt like those were very relevant subjects. The skills you learn in management are very transferrable. I then did a Masters in order to fill the gaps in my knowledge. I still believed I had a bit I could learn. International Business gives you a good understanding of things in a global context.” 

Inspiration can be found in many places. And it’s important to turn to those who inspire us when we need guidance. 

“I feel like I’m inspired by a lot of people. I strive to have the qualities that other people have shown in order to make similar differences.  

“People always mock me for this, but I look up to Beyoncé. From a business standpoint, her work ethic and her ambition are what draws me to her. She’s worked hard to get where she is, and she works hard to stay at the top of her game. She works on creating the best product and something that she herself is happy with. My beliefs align with what she stands for.” 

A person’s favourite place can reveal a lot. We find happiness in certain places and it’s not always easy to lay bare those places of happiness to a wider audience.  

“In terms of the natural environment, Pembrokeshire is my favourite place. The blue lagoon is an old, flooded quarry and the water is an insane shade of blue. That’s one of my favourite places – it’s nice to live so close to it. Tenby is my local beach and I love it because it reminds me of my home and friends.” 

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Pinning down your favourite concert is a difficult task. It’s a bit like asking a parent which is their favourite child. And when I ask Elisia the question, I can see the internal conflict it has provoked. 

After a quick debate, she settles on Beyoncé and Jay-Z in Cardiff. 

“In 2018, I saw Beyoncé and Jay-Z on the On the Run II Tour and the opening night of the tour was in Cardiff. It was insane. It was the first night of the tour, so nobody knew what to expect. And when someone of that stature comes to Cardiff, it’s a huge deal. Everyone was so energised, and we all had a shared connection. It’s always the energy that makes the show.” 

Beyoncé aside, Elisia tells me about the things that exercise her mind. The things she is passionate about. 

“I love theatre, art and music. I love performing and feeling the energy in the room during a performance. I love the camaraderie in the group when putting on a show. 

“I want to make a change, even if it’s only small. I want to do something that will contribute to a bigger cause. Everyone can make a huge impact. I’m passionate about education. It’s often overlooked, but it’s important. We have access to education, which is really impactful.” 

Education underpins much of our work at Mondrem. Educating our clients about the benefits of new ways of working. 

At Mondrem, we are driven by a deep understanding of the difficulties faced by public servants. We revel in their success, while seeking to nurture them when they’re vulnerable. 

“The amount public services do is often overlooked. I can’t imagine a world without public services. They impact everyday life. Especially now, you can appreciate what public services can do for people. I wanted to get involved with Mondrem because of my admiration for people who work in public services. I know the positive impact they can have when things go well.” 

We’ll be sharing the stories of all our new starters in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out on both the blog and our social media pages. 

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