From a wonky table to a warmed heart; my #momentsofjoy – Mike Astbury

1st June 2020 / BY / IN Our Team

Across Mondrem CIC and Wayfinder CIC, and with our clients delivery partners, we are celebrating and sharing our lockdown #MomentsofJoy. They have come in all shapes and sizes, and from sometimes unexpected places.  And they recognise that the weight of the Covid-19 lockdown is much harder to bear for some than others.  But we hope they can raise a smile and bring a little joy.

In my kitchen at home I have a small folding table.  For all the time I have had it, one of the leaves hasn’t folded down properly.  It should hang vertically, but it didn’t.  Something was in the way.  Lockdown has nudged many of us to fix stuff.  It nudged me to fix my table.  Just because I noticed it, when usually I wouldn’t.

I took it apart, found the problem, used my limited carpentry skills to fix the problem, and put it back together.  It’s fixed.

I knew it could be good again.  It wasn’t going to be the design.  I knew this because I knew the man who made it.  He was a talented joiner and a beautiful man who made beautiful things. 

The table is oak.  The oak came from the country estate where his family worked and were tenants.  The legs were turned by his neighbour, Frank, on the lathe at the undertakers where Frank worked.  He made the table just after the war.  Polished tables were becoming fashionable then.  The maker’s name was Tom.  He was my grandad.

Working on his table took me back to him.  Reconnected me.  To my granny too.  To memories of time with them.  And showed me a time of renewal after the bleakness of a war, and pointed me our time of renewal when it comes.

From a wonky table to warmed heart.  For me, a beautiful and joyful moment.


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