Getting to know: George Knight | Data Analyst

4th May 2020 / BY / IN Our Team

George is a student at Keele University, putting his mathematical know-how to the test as Mondrem’s Data Analyst. Today, George shares with us some of his motives for joining the Mondrem team, and tells us a bit about why public services are so important to him.  

“My family have a huge bearing on my motivation to support our public services. My sister has severe learning disabilities and needs full time care. With both parents working full time, I’ve seen and experienced how vital the support that public bodies provide can be- especially when trying to live a ‘normal’ life in exceptional circumstances. Sadly though, it’s not perfect, and there are occasions when we have been let down and I see the cracks of a stressed system”.  

“In my first proper job (i.e. not shelf-stacking at the supermarket on Saturdays), I was working in a sales department of payment processing company (Debit card transactions, basically). While I enjoyed my time there, I never felt like I was fulfilled with the work I was doing and was happy to leave in the end”.  

“My faith in God is the most important part of who I am, and I know that He wants me to do my best to help other people. I know that the most fulfilling thing for me to do is to love other people and help them in any way I can”.  

“That’s why I love working for Mondrem. I get to be a part of project that makes other peoples’ lives better every day- to support the services that I all too well know need it. I am an enthusiastic and energetic person who loves looking at data and providing a fresh perspective. I hope that I can use my background in mathematics to enhance Mondrem to really make a difference for people”. 

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