Turning over a new leaf – beginning our not-for-profit journey

10th February 2020 / BY / IN Change

Mondrem wants public services to be better than the people connected with them imagine is possible – not just better than they are. Public services matter too much to be anything less than outstanding. And we want to encourage and nurture the people at the heart of delivering public services. They matter too. People and communities are at the centre of what we do. So, a few days ago, we became a not-for-profit community interest company – or CIC.

Becoming a CIC means we’ll continue to help our public service clients to create and sustain great public services. And it also means we’ll be working with students and staff in our home at Keele University, to encourage young people to consider public service as a career. We’ll be starting community interest projects like our Mondrem Nurture project, to recreate parts of the ancient forests of Mondrem and Mara in Cheshire. We’ll be planting trees, creating new habitat and, because one translation of Mondrem means happiness, we aim to make these ‘places of happiness’.

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