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21st March 2019 / BY / IN Productivity

At Mondrem, we often speak to frustrated front line team members who say that a big part of their frustration comes from not being heard.  They have a great point to make – something that would make their work lives and their customers’ experience much better – but reckon that no-one is listening. 

This can lead quickly to a sort of learnt helplessness where people put up with the unreasonable, believing that there is no point trying to fix it because they have tried before and only failed.

Their managers are often as frustrated.  They see moaning not ideas and – when they do see the problem at the core – they are often dismayed that people are prepared to put up with it and its negative impact on customers and the business.

So, who’s right?  Well, I haven’t yet met any team members who start their day sitting in a high-backed leather chair, stroking a long-haired cat and plotting how to screw up the organisation they work for.  Neither have I met managers with similar seating, pets and attitudes.  So, no-one’s doing this on purpose.  It’s more often about how the story is told and how it is heard.

Mondrem have had great success helping our clients to overcome these problems by helping team members and managers to look first to understand before looking to be understood (Stephen Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – 1989).

It’s a great approach, but it can be challenging when things haven’t been going well and positions are entrenched.  Mondrem have helped break through these problems by working with teams and managers by understanding and telling their stories in ways which meet the other’s needs rather than frustrate them.

Here’s what Mondrem’s clients value about Mondrem telling their stories in this way:

“[successfully] Engaging those members of staff who don’t normally want to engage; those that are normally hostile.”

“[Mondrem have] a tone and manner which gets a lot out of people.”

“[Mondrem] can tap into people and get the best out of them.”

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Mike Astbury

Director, Mondrem

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