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29th August 2018 / BY / IN Performance

Mondrem develops and nurtures inspirational managers.

One of the most rewarding things about our work is when public services invest in their people and it pays off.

Mondrem are delighted to have had the opportunity to nominate an outstanding client for a leadership award. Debbie Hardy is Milton Keynes Council’s Technical Planning Manager. Over the last couple of years, she has taken a poor-performing team and overcome a menu of resisting forces and personal challenges to become a successful, inspiring and much-respected leader of a high performing team. She is now in demand from colleagues and from professional peers around the UK eager to replicate her success.

Whilst preparing the award submission, a colleague of Debbie shared a note in support. It was an exposition of what working for a really great leader is like. But it wasn’t a piece of theory, it was a piece about their experience of working with and for Debbie.

Here’s a snippet of what they said about working in Debbie’s team;

“The team is cohesive, resilient and has come a long way since I joined over twelve months ago. This is due to the vision shown by Debbie and the recruitment she has implemented over this time. Debbie is the most creative and innovative manager I’ve been fortunate to work with. The day to day challenge would keep anyone busy but in spite of this she always has one eye on the bigger picture and is striving for success.”


We have never seen a more positive description of the experience of being led. So, award or not, Debbie, you can be certain that your leadership and example are inspiring colleagues and observers alike. Public services will adapt and thrive with leaders like you, and Mondrem are very happy to have helped you on your journey.

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